Dust off your dreams, it’s time to shine!

Remember those dreams you said you’d get back to at another time? You’re glowing already, but we’re going to help you beam!

Find Your Tribe

You’re officially transitioning into the next phase of your life–congratulations! You’re ready to focus on you. This is a great time to pamper yourself with a weekend filled with adventure, relaxation, and lots of inspiration to reignite your dreams! Join us, Kelsey and Codi, and we’ll help dust off those dreams you’ve put to the side. You’ll be inspired by the connections you make and the experiences will leave you feeling ready to re-introduce your most elevated self! We are so happy you’re here!


Words of affirmation from women just like you!

"I think every woman should do a women's retreat for personal or business, yearly."

"My Retreat Experience if I could sum it up in one word: DELIGHTFUL."

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Are You a Dreamer?

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