Words of Affirmation From Women Just Like You!

Check out what other women have said after experiencing a weekend with us:

Being part of a women's retreat is so much more than awesome food, snacks, a glass of wine, and some nights out without kids. It is all about relationship building. Not only was the get-away amazing but I was able to meet total strangers and become close with them like I have known them for years. Living in a house together for a number of days you really get to know someone. It was invaluable to gain the knowledge of how other women deal with stress, life, family, small business issues and relationships. I felt like I was not alone. We bonded over how to deal with difficult relationships and business pains. That alone is worth so much. Most of this was with organic conversations. In my opinion that is more powerful. I think every woman should do a women's retreat for personal or business, yearly. To this day I have a special place in my heart for these women.

-Roxy Keller, California

My Retreat Experience if I could sum it up in one word: DELIGHTFUL. The amount of time spent working together was awesome, combined with time to ourselves was thoroughly relaxing, and then throwing in activities with no drama equaled delightful! I had a lovely time with old and new friends! It didn’t matter that I didn't know them - the atmosphere made it very conducive to making good friends! Needed and appreciated!

-Lisa Olsen, Utah

Now it’s your turn! What memories will you bring back?