About Codi & Kelsey

About Codi & Kelsey

Hi, I’m Codi! I’m a dedicated wife and a mom to 4 boys. I live each day filled with adventure! You can find me traveling, trying new foods, singing, hiking, and bike riding with my family.

Early on in motherhood, I felt like I was putting my other dreams off to the side. Putting in hard work, I went on to have a successful career in real estate and property management. I just couldn’t ignore this other flame burning inside of me though–a burning passion I felt to help inspire other women! I must say that once I ignited it, it was liberating! Currently, I lead a global team of women in direct sales, I own and manage an Airbnb, I do public speeches, personal business coaching, and I’m working on opening up a wedding venue! I also have a podcast: Dreams Before Dishes, which is titled after my own personal motto.

I love empowering women to listen to the sparks within themselves. Remember that fire I mentioned burning inside of me? You have it too! Don’t dim your flame. When a woman is given an opportunity to shine, she will become a better mother, wife, sister, and friend. So what are you waiting for? Let’s glow!

Who is Kelsey Lyon-King, you ask? Well, I’m one of a kind! For starters: I’m a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. I love to learn and involve myself in just about anything–painting, interior design, event planning, public speaking…you name it!

I was born and raised in rural Idaho and I graduated from Idaho State University. I’ve lived in some amazing places like a picturesque golf cart city on the fringe of Atlanta and a fancy urban metropolis outside of Denver. However, there is just something about potatoes and corn fields that will always feel like home. So I’ve decided to come back and firmly plant my roots here again. But upon returning to Idaho, life has thrown serious hurdles my way. I’ve had open heart surgery for a life-threatening tumor, a second open heart surgery to repair damage from the first, diagnosis of an acute debilitating life-altering disease, the daily challenges of a beautiful adopted daughter, and more unimaginable obstacles.

However, I always choose happiness over sadness and spontaneity over monotony. I’m so passionate about making others feel loved and experiencing all the world has to offer. I’ve traveled around the globe and been to places in Europe to Dubai, Costa Rica, all the way to Thailand. I’m always encouraging myself and others to push past the ordinary and looking for the “extraordinary”. So, to answer your question, “who is Kelsey Lyon-King?” Basically, I’m simply me!

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